The Discovery Channel: The New Detectives
Reality-based Discovery Channel program The New Detectives, produced by New Dominion Pictures, has featured Taylor’s forensic art cases on three episodes.


The New Detectives: "Cold Cases"
“Cold Cases” showcases Taylor’s work in the case of an elderly man brutally beaten to death with a tire tool for only a few dollars.

She revealed, in drawing form, the face of the killer retrieved from a grainy video surveillance tape. In a case that led from Texas to California to Florida and Utah, a tip led to the killer’s identity once the sketch was aired on national television.

Link: Discovery Channel: The New Detectives

The New Detectives: "Faces Of Tragedy"
Episode “Faces of Tragedy” documents a Lubbock, Texas case in which Taylor’s skull-based drawing of a pregnant teen-aged murder victim led to her identification. Knowing her identity allowed investigators to identify and track down her killer as he fled across the United States, capturing him in Nebraska.


The New Detectives: "Drawing Conclusions"
“ Drawing Conclusions”
includes the re-inacted drama of a murdered Tyler, Texas woman whose skull was found in a segment of pipe in a drained lake bed, wrapped in chicken-wire. Taylor’s reconstruction gave a face to the victim, led to her identity and facilitated the pursuit of her killer, a paroled murderer from Florida.

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